Business Transactions Law 8th edition


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This book addresses fundamental questions about business transactions. The eighth edition has been substantially revised and updated to include developments up until 1 April 2011. The updates include: A new chapter on consumer agreements, examining both the Consumer Protection Act and the regulations Changes to contractual capacity brought about by the Children’s Act 2005 and Companies Act 2008 Important decisions affecting basic principles of common law illegality, notably Bredenkamp and Others v Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd Changes to agency introduced by the Companies Act 2008 A more comprehensive discussion of insurance The chapter on employment has been expanded to include numerous additional case summaries The chapter on credit agreements includes important cases interpreting the National Credit Act In the area of security – an issue of huge importance, not yet resolved, is addressed: the mortgagee’s right to immediate execution versus the mortgagor’s constitutional right to have access to adequate housing The Consumer Protection Act has affected various areas of commercial law and several chapters have been amended to reflect these developments.