Business-Driven Technology 7th Edition


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Product Description

Business Driven Technology 7e provides the ultimate flexibility in tailoring content to the exact needs of your MIS or IT course!

Business Driven Technology 7e offers flexibility to customize according to your needs and the course and student needs by covering essential concepts and topics in the five core units, while providing additional in-depth coverage in the business and the technology plug-ins.
Plug-ins are fully developed modules of text that include student learning outcomes, case studies, business vignettes, and end-of-chapter material such as key terms, individual and group questions and projects, and case study exercises.

Each chapter and plug-in is independent so you can:
•  Cover any or all of the chapters as they suit your purpose.
•  Cover any or all of the business plug-ins as they suit your purpose.
•  Cover any or all of the technology plug-ins as they suit your purpose.
•  Cover the plug-ins in any order you wish.


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