Biotechnology and health – South Africa’s aspirations in health- related biotechnology

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In the main, Biotechnology and health: South Africa’s aspirations in health-related biotechnology, consists of papers delivered at a one-day conference held in April 2006, when leading international authorities on the subject of biotechnology gathered in Somerset West, South Africa. Relevant contributions from other sources are also included.

The authors reflect on the various interventions that are needed both by South Africa and the African continent as a whole if a key objective is to be achieved: the development of a sustainable, relevant and productive biotechnology industry.

Appropriately, this book arrives as South Africa re-affirms its commitment to stimulating innovation in the field of biotechnology for the benefit of all. The collective wisdom it contains represents an intelligent appraisal of the progress made to date; it also gives necessary guidance if obstacles are to be overcome, and it suggests modifications to make developmental strategies more effective.

Biotechnology and health suggests that the South African biotechnology industry should get out of the back garden, where it is currently trapped, and join other international biotech players in the front garden so to speak.

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