Being Palestinian : Personal Reflections on Palestinian Identity in the Diaspora


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What does it means to be Palestinian in the diaspora? This collection of 100 personal reflections on being Palestinian is the first book of its kind. Reflecting on Palestinian identity as it is experienced at the individual level, issues of identity, exile, refugee status, nostalgia, belonging and alienation are at the heart of the book. The contributors, mainly from the UK and North America, speak in many voices, exploring the richness and diversity of identity construction among Palestinians in the diaspora.

Yasir Suleiman sets the scene with an Introduction, and his Epilogue deals with issues of identity, exile and diaspora as concepts that give sense to the personal reflections. This is the first book to gather personal reflections on what it means to be Palestinian. It contributes to the debate on what it means to be Palestinian.

It asks what the diaspora is for Palestinians. It looks at how being Palestinian varies across gender, generation, religious affiliation and professional interest.