Basics of Entrepreneurship 4th Edition

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With this book a team of experts combined their knowledge and experience to create a practical guide on how to develop business ideas to establish an enterprise. The practical guidelines are supported by entrepreneurship theory and practice.

Drawing on our personal experience as entrepreneurs, business advisors and subject specialists we

  •    introduce the entrepreneur, the most important person in the world of business
  • provide a comprehensive introduction to the world of business and its most important role-player – the entrepreneur
  •       explain basic business concepts to ensure understanding of the business environment and business in general
  •       illustrate what successful entrepreneurs do and what contributes to successful entrepreneurship
  •       demonstrate the steps in the entrepreneurial process – the feasibility study, the viability assessment and the development of a business plan.

The most important and essential business management functions relevant to a start-up and new business is addressed in this book. These include marketing, finance, operations, human resources, and purchasing.

We used an accessible approach to guide you on how to be positive yet critical, creative yet practical in your search for business ideas, and ultimately to research business ideas thoroughly to ensure an income for yourselves and a profitable business.

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