Basic Psychology for HR Practitioners 3rd Edition

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Differences in personality and behaviour are part of the dynamic workplace. They can be understood better, and managed if necessary, if the HR practitioner or HR Manager has some knowledge of psychology. Basic Psychology for Human Resource Practitioners third edition discussed individual differences, abilities, attitudes, perceptions, ways of learning and personalities, and covers the most important aspects of measuring personality traits. It also explains aspects of group behaviour, be they social, political, cultural or recreational.

The book deals with the historical development of human resource management, the functions of human resource departments, and current and future trends in human resource management in South Africa. An update of the 2015 edition, it references more recent sources, and uses practical examples that reflect new developments in the field.

Key features:

  • Study objectives to guide students through the individual chapters.
  • Clear examples relevant to South Africa.
  • Activities and ‘test yourself’ questions that enable students to measure their understanding of the subject.

Lecturer support material for prescribing institutions:

  • PowerPoint® presentation slides
  • Case studies in MS Word format
  • End-of-chapter solutions

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9-11 Days