Assessment Centres – 2nd Edition

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While technology is enhancing every aspect of an Assessment Centre (AC), it remains a real art and skill to design and implement an AC. Assessment Centres: Unlocking People Potential for Growth is currently the only South African book on the market in this area. It unpacks the adapted AC Design Model and, in addition, addressing topical issues around ACs, including:
  1. The different purposes that ACs are used for.
  2. The introduction of ACs into South Africa and the growth of ACs.
  3. The role that the ACSG plays in promoting ACs.
  4. What AC practitioners should consider when using ACs.
  5. Why strategic positioning of an AC is important.
  6. The business case for ACs in organisations.
  7. The Code of Ethics for ACs in South Africa.
  8. Assessment Centre Policy.
  9. AC case studies and the ethical implications.
  10. The Assessment Centre Design Model.
  11. Why an AC needs to be grounded in a thorough job analysis.
  12. How the theories underpinning ACs have been researched over the years.
  13. The intricacies of simulation and centre development.
  14. The importance of trialling simulations and piloting an AC.
  15. The importance of confidentiality and the safe storage of material.
  16. An international perspective on current practices and future challenges around assessment centres.
  17. And more!

Assessment Centres: Unlocking People Potential for Growth is a complete ‘how to’ book that focuses on practical execution. In addition, it includes numerous case studies as examples for the principles discussed.

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