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Asifunde isiZulu provides content that gives the new language learner an insight into the language structure, culture and basic history of isiZulu.It is written in an easy-to-grasp style with many practical activities that make the manual an accessible and useful learning tool. The content is structured into fourteen units. Each unit is based on a theme that covers current topics through which the learner gains functional vocabulary for immediate use in their own conversations; for example, greetings; asking for directions; visiting the doctor; at the petrol station; and so on. Also covered in each unit is a grammatical aspect that shows how words work together to form meaningful sentences and sentences link together to form meaningful texts. Each unit contains activities to reinforce learning and a list of vocabulary used in the unit. In addition, there is a comprehensive vocabulary and an additional tutorial section at the end.Also included is a brief guide to Zulu history and key aspects of Zulu culture.Asifunde isiZulu is a comprehensive interactive publication suitable for use by anyone who wants to learn isiZulu. It is intended for beginners that after working through all fourteen units, they should be able to understand and hold a simple conversation in isiZulu.All the authors are from the School of Humanities – African Languages at University of KwaZulu-Natal