Art of Persuasive Communication 4e: A Process

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The Fourth edition of The art of Persuasive Communication – A process situates contemporary persuasive practices against the background of the rich history of rhetoric and within the setting of a democratic state. Throughout, the author addresses critical issues that are important to communication science scholars and practitioners, as well as those active in related disciplines such as political science, sociology, social psychology and rhetorical studies.

The Fourth edition differs from the previous one in the following ways:

• The arrangement of the contents has been revised to facilitate greater understanding
• There is much new material, especially in chapters 4, 5, 7, 8
• The role of social media is discussed and considered in chapter 7
• Chapter 8 includes a section on image management
• Chapter 9 is a new chapter focussing on political debates
• A new chapter 12 on Persuasion and the rhetorical imprint of a public rhetor has been added
• New contemporary examples related to South Africa have been included.

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9-11 Days