Adult learning: designing and implementing learning events 2nd Edition


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This new and updated edition of Adult Learning offers practical guidelines, underpinned by sound scholarship, for the design and implementation of learning events for adult learners. Sarah Gravett illuminates this process, which she views as a learning-centred and dialogic endeavour, by drawing on perennial and cutting-edge theory and literature as well as on personal experience. She guides the reader in exploring the theory on adult learners and their needs,and the learning process and strategies that educators can use to guide and facilitate learning, culminating in a discussion of a specific strategy for designing and implementing dialogic learning events – the Seven Design Steps. She explains in practical terms how this strategy puts dialogic teaching into action, using learning tasks to structure dialogue with learners. This book is a valuable resource for adult educators, in a variety of settings, who are interested in challenging learners to take responsibility for their learning and to engage in meaningful learning – learning that lasts.