A Reader on selected social issues 7th Edition

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The world is evolving at a rapid pace. South Africa alone has undergone a process of major socioeconomic and political change in recent times. The desegregation of educational, religious, sport and other structures, the democratisation of the decision making process, and the implementation of affirmative action, for example, have involved a shift in the values and normative orientation of the population. The exact effects of such changes, both positive and negative, cannot be easily identified or measured. A reader on selected social issues considers the nature, causes and consequences of a wide range of current social phenomena, worldwide.

A reader on selected social issues attempts a more “global” approach, rather than concentrating solely on South African society. All chapters have been extensively updated, with contributions from both national and international experts. Because the content of the chapters is not discipline specific, lecturers can use perspectives from within their own fields to guide students to an understanding of the phenomena being discussed. ‘Windows’ with thought-provoking information, as well as discussion topics at the end of each chapter, encourage students to deal with aspects beyond the scope of the text.

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