A Digital Business Primer 2nd Edition


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Welcome to A Digital Business Primer (2nd edition). This is a thrilling new text on the fourth industrial revolution and digital technology, aimed at practitioners, managers, and other non-technical professionals whose lives are increasingly affected by digital technologies.

It has become practically axiomatic that technology is a pervasive and accelerating influence on organizations, with wide-reaching impacts on every level of management and business function, from product design and customer experience to HRM, finance and all other areas of organizational functioning.

However, there are so many unknowns and underdeveloped areas of knowledge within the arenas of digitalization and the fourth industrial revolution. What do these things refer to in the first place? What really are the implications for organizational strategy – does strategy change fundamentally, or rather adapt traditional thinking and models to new realities? How do organizations effectively and correctly transform themselves to these forces, in order to thrive in our new realities?