A Banquet of Consequences


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The goal of a job security, a home, a comfortable retirement and a good life for our children is receding. In this brilliantly clear-eyed account, Satyajit Das links past, present and future to show that it’s not just unrealistic expectations, but the poor performance of those governing us that are to blame. Strategies and policies to promote economic growth after the Great Recession have failed. The solution – structural change – is electorally unpopular and ignored. A Banquet of Consequences explains why the ultimate adjustment, whether stretched out over time or via another sudden crash, will be life-changing.
1.Scope and depth – it’s a sweeping history of recent events and provides insights into the evolution of the economic crisis, especially policies to deal with the problems and the failures.
2.Global perspective – draws on events from the U.S., Europe, Australia, China, India (and more).
3.Up to Date – includes the election of Syriza in Greece and the advent of negative rates in Europe.
4.Style – it’s written in an accessible, non-technical manner combining history, economics and finance with anecdotes. It’s wry and witty, using metaphors from the arts, science and popular culture.
5.True Insider’s view – it’s the work of an insider without any vested interests, written with an outsider’s eye and skepticism.